A Small Business Strategist who is passionate about helping women build a business they can be proud of! What started as a career as a professional photographer has blossomed into the creation of several brands and businesses and a passion to teach others how to get started without feeling alone and overwhelmed. My superpower may just be finding the "easy button" for building businesses and living life with joy! Life really can feel "easy" when you're running it with a community that makes having fun while becoming profitable a priority! I am so excited to have you here as I welcome you into the beautiful chaos of my world and help you find that same beauty in yours as you create consistent monthly income for your family! So get comfortable and let’s learn together how to pivot when we're thrown a curveball, celebrate when we experience a win, and get right back up when we lose our balance!

hi! I'm melissa koehler.


Marry Mr. Stud who also happens to be a pilot. Partner with a friend to go legit with our hobby of making handmade cards and invitations. Conquer dial-up, launch our first website, dance parties ensue. 4 years later my friend bails for a “real job”, but now I’ve been bitten by the bug. Cue the craziness we call entrepreneurship (AKA lying awake at 3 am, buzzing with the excitement of your next genius idea).


Punch in and out at a scrapbook store, because #adulting. Overzealous customer service and advice on color schemes turns into job offers to design customized scrapbooks for clients. Pinch myself daily. But all I can think of is how much better my scrapbook pages would look with pro photography.


Mama life begins. Master Photoshop. Become an online course junkie. Read ALL the photography blogs. Call myself a “professional photographer” and soon my calendar is swimming in ink. Oh hello, burnout. Find a mentor who teaches me a magical word called “boundaries”. Discover my true passion is giving others accountability and support. Oops, I pivot again...


Join a small biz consultancy and break up with my freelancer status. Reach the top level in the company in under 2 years because I start treating my business LIKE a business. Hit over a million in revenue. Can finally pay myself and support my growing family without my biz and I being attached at the hip. Get my wine on in places like Carmel Valley, Bora Bora, Napa Valley, Tuscany, and Rome. (Is this real life?)


Spend my days turning your personality into a competitive advantage and your quirks into business assets. Combine insight with strategy to get your dreams and your actions on the same page, so you can bring your creative ideas to market. Care hard about making a difference in the businesses and lives of creatives who are wasting their time and energy on what’s not working. Couldn’t be happier.



on my


Bon Jovi

24k magic

Bruno Mars

this is me

Keala Settle



out of touch

Hall & Oates

just between

I’m an introvert. Now I see it as an asset because I tend to listen closer and connect deeper.

Hover over the hives.

Coffee! Love the aroma of a freshly brewed pot, but no foo-foo lattes for me, thanks.

A college degree. But I’ve realized that the best teacher for me was experience.

Bon Jovi! I’m an 80’s girl at heart. Livin’ on a Prayer is basically my personal anthem.

No cheese, please! Just pile on the pepperoni, sausage, black olives, and mushrooms.

Being taller online. Optical illusion? But hey, all 5’1” of me says thank you!

Gymnast and cheerleader. So I’ve got all the rah-rahs you’ll need to stay motivated!

Interior designer and personal organizer. Although my house tells a different story.

Honeybee! Hence my obsession with hives and why I’m so sweet. 😍

I can’t stand...

My spirit animal is...

I’m a pizzaholic but...

My name in Greek means...

People mistake me for...

I resisted this...

I never got this...

I’m a closet...

I’m a pizzaholic but...

I’m a former...


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