My first event


If you’ve been around me long enough you know that speaking in front of large crowds is really not my thing. But you know what is my thing? Helping women build kick butt businesses.

Last year I did a lot of things.


-Started to build a house from the ground up

-Decided I would throw an in person event

-Lost my Grandma

That last part threw me for a loop for a while (still does) but before that happened I held an in person event in San Diego California called the What’s your type event. You might be asking yourself what that means. What’s your type? Don’t worry, you aren’t alone. When I was planning this event, I had it in my mind that I would be doing something surrounding my love of the Enneagram. After all, I had recently gone through becoming an Enneagram coach in the Summer of 2018 and I wanted to integrate the Enneagram with business, somehow. I say somehow because I didn’t really know how I was going to do it. At the time, the word Enneagram wasn’t as much of a buzzword as it is now so I had to explain what it was and why I thought it would be helpful for business owners. At that time, I focused heavily on the Enneagram and many people came to know me as the “expert” in Enneagram (which by the way I am not, I’m just passionate about it).  So, I went with “What’s your Type” to be a little bit cheeky and play off the phrasing in the Enneagram about knowing what your dominant Enneagram number is.

My goal for the event was to have a small group of women connect in a beautiful setting. They would hear from inspiring speakers and gain a little bit more knowledge into themselves and tidbits of business. After all, this was a party and I could only pack in so much information while still making time to dance before the clock struck midnight.

So, that’s what we did. I invited 100 of my closest friends and asked some wonderful business ladies to speak. It really was a lot of fun, but I learned a lot about myself and what I want to offer my clients as well (more on that later)

I want to share some of the images from the evening with you so you can see just how pretty everything turned out (everyone loves a little bit of pretty right?)



Thank you to the amazing speakers!

Leigh and Aly with Pure Salt Interiors

Candice Becklund with Smart Social

Alexis Know with Delta Girl Frames

Jessica Turner


The vendors that made it happen:
Luce Loft
Soirees with Grace (Alie Smith)
Cravory Cookie

Too Sweet Cakes (MK cookies)
Stars Above Balloons
Barcon Cocktail Co
Criscito Pizza

Cavin Elizabeth Photography
Amari Productions
To Be Designed
Blue Ladder Botany

Hand-lettering by Carrie Hoener


I couldn’t have done any of this without my amazing team! Thank you Brianna and Angela for making this so beautiful!


Overall, my first event was great! It was fun, we got to connect and some business knowledge was dropped. Events may not be my “thing” but helping women to run businesses is, so I’ll be doing all I can to make that happen. Because when you’re passionate about something, you push through things that are uncomfortable and do it anyway. To everyone that came out to help celebrate, thank you!!! I couldn’t do it without you!

Much love


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