If You Confuse, You’ll Lose

It’s a phrase that plays over and over again in my head each time I think about my businesses. And in case you’re wondering, that’s truly all of the time. 

When I was going through my StoryBrand certification this was one of the biggest takeaways for me. Am I communicating the purpose and mission of my business clearly? Am I making it too complicated? Do people really understand what it is that I sell or have to offer? Am I making it clear that I am here to serve other entrepreneurs through free resources like my blog and paid options like my MK shop  and The Blush Pages? Am I confusing my audience or do they know exactly what I’m here for? 

I talk a lot about the things you need to think of when starting a new business (get your checklist here) and this may just be at the top of my list. Right out of the gate, as soon as you dream up the idea, be sure to clearly define what it is that you do and what you have to offer your ideal customer. 

You don’t want to add fluff or unnecessary aspects to what you do, especially when you’re explaining it to a potential customer. Straight forward and cut and dry is exactly what the consumer needs to hear from you. If someone has to think too much about what you’re saying, their brain will go into conservation mode and tune out because it’s burning too many calories to survive. True story. Our brains simply cannot process too much unnecessary content at one time. 

I know the trap though. You think your business pitch has to be full of words and filler in order to give your brand legitimacy, but I promise you, less is more when it comes to defining what you will do for your consumers. 

But how do you do that? How do you eliminate the fluff?

Constantly remind yourself of this one crucial rule. 

Simplify your message.

Decide exactly what you want your potential client to know about your business and get rid of the rest. Anything else is a distraction that will cost your business in the long run. 

Here’s what you’ll need to identify:

Who is your product or service for?

What will it be for them? What problem will you help them solve?

Why do they need it?

Where can they get it?

The “how” here really isn’t important. That is what can start to confuse people. Simply define who you are serving, why you are serving them, what you can do for them, and where they can find this much-needed solution to their life. 

Anything more than that will overwhelm consumers and keep you from their business. 

And trust me, I know in business it’s so hard to adopt the “less is more” mentality. We truly feel as if we’re always chasing after more, but when it comes to communicating what you have to offer, play this simple phrase over and over again in your head. 

“If you confuse, you’ll lose.”

And we all know as entrepreneurs, losing is rarely ever the goal. 

Write it out, make it clear, keep it simple, get comfortable sharing it, and enjoy sealing the deal time and time again. 

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