Finding Something to Work Towards


It’s one of my greatest passions in life and I work best when I have a trip to look forward to. Like somehow all of the work and the long hours are more worth it when I have a magical place to retreat to soon. This year we were to travel to Europe, but we all know the drill by now. The year 2020, where international travel plans cease to exist. And like so many of you, I’m truly mourning the loss of traveling and having something special to work towards.

And so yet again I pivot, finding something new that helps keep me moving forward. Do you have something to be working towards in order to stay motivated?

When the days seem long and the work feels impossible, it’s really important that we have something to push us, something to remind us of our purpose in the moment, something to look forward to when all the work is over. 

Yeah, yeah, I know, as entrepreneurs the work is never over, but working towards a goal or a resting point is crucial for long term success.  We can’t simply work for the sake of working, we have to find things that make the work worth it. And the “worth it” is going to be different for each one of us. For me, the “worth it” has a lot of different meanings, but travel is one of the “rewards” that help push me forward. To read more of my thoughts on goal setting, click here!

Why do you get out of bed each morning and head to work? Sure, we need to provide our family with the resources we need to meet our daily needs, but let’s think of something beyond all of the necessities.

Maybe you want to travel internationally. Maybe you want to pay cash for your children’s college education. Maybe you want to rid your family of debt. Maybe you want to do great things in your community. Maybe you want to build your dream home. Maybe you want to make an impact in your neighborhood. Maybe it’s expanding your business or starting something new. Whatever it is, find something to work towards beyond your everyday needs. 

The sky’s the limit here. What is your big, scary, overarching goal or experience you’re working for? Write it down. In big, bold, even sparkly letters, if you must, and put it right in front of you. 

Seriously, write it down. Right now. We’ll wait.  (click here)

Now tape it to your computer, frame it on your desk, heck, even write it on your mirror. Put it anywhere that you will see it each and every day. And when the work feels too hard, look to this reminder to give you the energy to keep moving forward. To keep doing the work. To keep saying “yes” when all roads seem to lead to “not now”. And if you are looking for a community that will help push you towards your goals, I highly suggest you join us over at The Blush Pages. Sometimes our best motivation comes when people rally around us and encourage us to get the work done and that’s exactly what we’re doing there in that community! 

Travel may not be happening for me this year, but creating new and exciting things for my business has not been canceled! And so that is where I’m placing my attention. I am looking forward to sharing all of the fun things this year has brought to the MK Brand and for now, while the travel bug in me takes a back seat, I’ll just be here pushing myself forward in the hopes that I add a ton of joy and incredible value into your life and business! 

What about you? What are you working towards in this season? 

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