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We are in the final weeks of yet another year. How is that even possible? Regardless of how fast the time is passing, I love using this time of year to set my sights on the year ahead. Making peace with the year that was and making plans for the year to come. Anyone else?

To help you do the same, I have filled my MK Shop with so many fun things to help you plan with purpose in order to hit the ground running in 2021. Without looking back or feeling stuck moving forward. 


One of my favorites is the Dream Journal, inspired by hundreds of entrepreneurs who were in the same spot as you… STUCK. They worked countless hours but still couldn’t seem to move the needle forward. Turns out all they needed was something to hold themselves and their beautiful dreams accountable. Insert, The Dream Journal. A 10-week journal designed to transform your dreams into achievable actions! Take advantage of the tools in this journal to help you dream for the future and plan for today. 

Snag it now and get those dreams down on paper: HERE! 

If you know me well, you know I am also loving the new Enneagram guide! Packed full of helpful information that dives right into the “perfect day” for each Enneagram type and helps you learn more about all nine types.

Learn how to work in your strengths and better connect with friends, family, and followers with this nine-part guide: HERE! 

Looking for the easy button to launching a business? In this business checklist! Designed with the busy builder in mind to help you cross things off your list without missing a thing! This checklist will walk you through the most important line items when starting a business, making everything more manageable. Take your time working through each step or bust it out in a few days! Just be sure to use it!


Running a business looks a lot different than it did when I first started out, but thanks to technology and the world of social media, it’s easier than ever to get noticed by the right people. But you have to be doing the right things to get their attention. Learn the best ways to stay active online, gain access to my exclusive content calendar, discover new platforms to share your product or service, explore the importance of networking and so much more with this marketing guide! 


What better way to plan for the year ahead than with prompts for social media, saving you time and frustration planning what to post? I’ve got you with my 100 Writing Prompts to reach your audience! Don’t get stuck not knowing what to say! With my list of 100 writing prompts, you’ll feel equipped to show up and serve your audience for months to come! On top of having 100 days of curated content planned in advance, you can also expect to learn why you should be writing and my top tips for writing better copy, making you the ultimate storyteller.

Ditch being at a loss for words and start sharing your story! CLICK HERE! 

I told you the shop was full of everything you need to help you prepare for the year ahead! I want to make the start of the year as easy on you as possible so be sure to check out everything in the shop, including my super popular Lightroom Presets, and invest in yourself and your business for an incredible 2021!  CHECK THEM OUT HERE!

Happy shopping!



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