Sometimes social media is just too hectic.

I love social media, I do! But sometimes it’s just too hectic of a space and I wish I had a different way to stay connected to you! So I have been scratching my head on ways we can communicate and stay connected outside of Instagram and Facebook and I came up with the perfect idea! 

I have been spending the start of 2021 building and creating awesome content for you, freebies, business tools, and resources you can invest in to continue to grow your business!

But instead of sharing them online, how cool would it be if we connected over text messaging? 

So cool, right? Let me give you my number! 

If you are looking for business tips sent a few times a week, text “Business101” to 1(619)3201332. 

I’ll be sharing all things under the sun that will help you build your business! 

And if you are wanting to chat more about personal development, Enneagram, The Success Path education from The Blush Pages, finding community, and answers to who you should hire to grow your business, text “Dailytips” to 1(619)3201332. 

2021 is your year to get everything you ever wanted and I am here to help make sure that happens! I can’t wait to start chatting! (for US + Canada Friends only at this time). 

XOXO, Melissa


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