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LISTEN HERE! Okay, I’m certain you’re going to love episode 16 of Confessions of a Serial Entrepreneur as I chat all about hiring help!  And if you’re anything like me, you’re probably thinking, “Oh Melissa, I don’t need help, I can do it all on my own!” But here’s the thing, do I believe that […]

Listen Here!  “Of all the things that could happen to you, failure is not the worst thing.” – Candice Coppolla For episode 15, we had the pleasure of sitting down with Candice Coppolla to chat all about analysis paralysis. She is the host of the Power in Purpose podcast and an entrepreneur who built her […]

Listen here! In Episode 14 we’re talking all about identifying your ideal client and I have to tell you, this is one of my favorite topics! It’s honestly something that I don’t think most entrepreneurs spend enough time uncovering, but it’s truly what will set you apart and push you ahead of the rest.  As […]

LISTEN HERE! “YOU are going to be the thing that holds you back.” – Melissa Lin Melissa Lin is a previously successful chemical engineer turned multiple six-figure business owner and coach. After starting off barely making it, Melissa pushed past her fears and shifted her mindset to fully thrive in her business! Today, she helps […]

LISTEN HERE! If you haven’t already, you have to tune into this week’s episode!  This may sound really weird, but I am really excited to talk to you about quitting. I know that doesn’t sound like a topic anyone should be excited about, but here’s the thing. We’ve all been there. We’ve all felt like […]

LISTEN HERE! In this episode, I sat down with Geomyra Pollard, the queen of all things systems. Geomyra is a well-rounded life and business coach – with her coaching firm, Coaching For Creatives. She is also a course creator for creatives that aspire to create and live with grace, passion, and purpose. Geomyra sets joy […]