If your brain didn’t want to finish that title with, “Carmen Sandiego,” you clearly didn’t grow up playing computer games in the early 90’s, but I still love you. But honestly, when was the last time I sat down to tell you where I’ve been as an entrepreneur and where it is I’m going next? […]

    I’ve always been one to stand in the shadows and avoid attention at all costs. My whole life I was told that as you grow and mature a lot of things will change about you,  but this is one thing that has never changed for me. As I started looking deeper into the […]

  If you’ve been around me long enough you know that speaking in front of large crowds is really not my thing. But you know what is my thing? Helping women build kick butt businesses. Last year I did a lot of things. -Traveling -Started to build a house from the ground up -Decided I […]