My hands are sweaty but I want to hug you anyway. Wait… did that just come out of my mouth? It must be because I have all the emotions and feels that one could have and I’m blurting things out without thinking. Today is the day! My new site is here and I’m in love, […]

Let’s get personal, personal. I wanna get personalllll…….   Excuse me while I wipe the sweat off my brows from my Olivia Newton-John dance break. I love me a little dance party. And while most of the sweat from my forehead is from my sweet, sweet moves I would say that 75% of it is […]

You’re busy caring for your family, your business, taking kids to sports and trying to fit in everything else in between a possible yoga practice and shower. I get it girl, your hands are full. When I found essential oils 4 years ago it was to help me with my pregnancy. I’m a natural skeptic […]