Can we talk about something for a minute because we’re friends? Entrepreneurship is hard. It’s also lonely. When did we decide that we had to try to do it all, by ourselves? Why are we more ashamed to talk about stuff like loneliness when it’s affecting a really good portion of the female entrepreneurship circle? […]

If Alaska hasn’t been on your list to travel to yet, go add it! We’ve been on 3 Disney cruises and I have to admit that the Alaska cruise was one of my favorites. I don’t know if it was that my kids didn’t argue as much or if it was the location, or a […]

This was the thought that went through my head the first time I took an Enneagram test and looked over my results. How did these people I had never met know what was going on inside my head? Was this freeing or freaky? I couldn’t decide in the moment, but the more I read up […]