Is getting personal on Instagram good?

Let’s get personal, personal. I wanna get personalllll…….


Excuse me while I wipe the sweat off my brows from my Olivia Newton-John dance break. I love me a little dance party. And while most of the sweat from my forehead is from my sweet, sweet moves I would say that 75% of it is from worrying about how personal is too personal when you’re talking about social media.

If you’re a business owner you’ve probably heard that in order to connect with your clients online you need to share part of your life.


“But how much is too much”?

“What do I say”?

“Do they really want to know about my lunch”?


Yes, yes and maybe.

The biggest thing here is to remember that your ideal customers really just want to see you. They want to connect with you so that when they are browsing social media they stop and say “Melissa didn’t shower today either, phew! That makes me feel better. She really is just like me”.

It’s not about sharing the secrets that you’ve been hiding for all the world to hear about. It’s about connecting to your people. This is key!

If being more open online is hard for you (don’t worry, it is for me too) I wrote some tips on how to get better at it, enter your email below and grab your free download!



  1. Natalia says:

    Great post! I’ve been playing with this boundary and taking notes on what gets my Instagram followers interacting. Currently I’m having an issue making videos because of my natural inclination to introversion. The struggle is real!

    • mkoehler says:

      Totally girl! I hear you on that. My introverted ness gets me all the time. Keep pushing through, you’ve got this!!!

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