Tips for Using Essential Oils With Your Family

You’re busy caring for your family, your business, taking kids to sports and trying to fit in everything else in between a possible yoga practice and shower.

I get it girl, your hands are full. When I found essential oils 4 years ago it was to help me with my pregnancy. I’m a natural skeptic so they had a lot to prove to me.

4 years later, over 200K people in my tribe and about a gazillion life hacks I want to share with you what I do to help make my life a little bit easier.


Your kids are the most precious things in your life. 

We love them but sometimes, they can drive us crazy. Especially when they have meltdowns over the socks you put on them, or when you are constantly playing referee.

They’re amazingly wonderful tiny dictators that can smell fear, frustration and the cookie you’re trying to hide from them.


*Always dilute essential oils with children. Use a carrier oil like extra virgin olive oil, jojoba, avocado oil, V-6 oil.*

IMMUNITY SUPPORT: Moms…. you know what I’m getting at here. The leaves start to change and so do your kids. Thieves has been our #1 “knight in shining armor”. I put 3-5 drops in the diffusers in my kid’s rooms at night (yes, they each have their own diffuser and love them. they like the dewdrop or home diffuser because it also acts as their nightlight). I diffuse it in our kitchen or living room (just depends on where I want to at the time). My favorite thing to do is to put it on the bottom of their feet at night with socks.—If I will only double up on the feet and the diffuser if it’s been an especially tough day. If not, I will pick one option and do that—- Some of my other power hitters in this department are Exodus II, Egyptian Gold, Ningxia Red, and Mightyvites. Exodus II and Egyptian Gold are essential oils. I would dilute with about a quarter size about of carrier oil and one drop of essential oil. Put it on their spine or their feet before and after school(or before bed). Ningxia Red is an antioxidant drink made with wolfberry (goji berries) and lots of other amazing fruits and veggies to keep your system working to its full potential. We have our 3 kids drink a packet of Ningxia Red every day before school. I usually do this in the morning because Ningxia ‘can’ give them energy and I don’t want to chance it later in the day. Mightyvites are a children’s multi-vitamin. They take 2 every morning (ages 4-12). 


HOMEWORK:  At our house, it’s a constant battle to do homework. It’s like we spring it on them every day. “Surprise, you have homework!” To help calm the irrational, emotional arguments before homework, put a little lavender on the back of their neck. If they don’t want you to touch them because of “drama”, diffuse lavender near them. Another good oil to have on hand is lemon. Lemon is an uplifting, happy smell and I have literally seen my kid’s moods change (and mine) after diffusing lemon. During homework time, we like to diffuse Geneyus near the kids. Geneyus is one of Young Living’s kid’s blends to help keep their mind on their homework instead of their X-Box. 


SLEEP: My kids can smell bedtime from a mile away. They know what time it is every night and yet, it’s still a surprise. Why is it that bedtime is one of the times at night where you just want your kids to go to bed but they will find every. single. reason not to? Bedtime should be a time where stories are read, baths are had and prayers are said. At least in my mind, that’s what it’s supposed to look like. My kids feel differently. So, when I remember (because most nights we’re finishing up dinner, homework, baths, etc) I will put their diffusers on with Stress Away or Peace and Calming and have it going in their rooms for about 20 mins. If you don’t want to do the diffuser, but some on the back of their necks or forearms so they can smell it. You can also make a pillow spray using witch hazel and 15 drops of lavender in a glass spray bottle and spray on their pillows before bed -OR- put a drop or two of lavender, or one of their favorite nighttime oils, on a kleenex and put it in their pillowcase so they can smell it all night. Sometimes bad dreams are had. I always start with a prayer and then put Dream Catcher oil on their feet or back. For us, it’s been amazingly effective. You can also use Dream Catcher before bedtime too (diffused or topical)




NATURAL CLEANERS: A few years ago I switched over to Thieves cleaner. If you want your house to smell fresh, clean and cinnamon-y you need this cleaner. I never feel nervous about having my kids help clean the counters with it because it’s safe and natural. One 14.4 fl oz bottle will last me months because you don’t need much. It’s concentrated and you mix it with water in a spray bottle you can get from the store. I love it! Also, I’ve used concentrated Thieves cleaner in my dishwasher, washing machine and to get out stains in clothes and the carpet. The only thing I’ve noticed so far is if you have white grout use caution around it. The grout is porous and soaks in the brownish color of the Thieves cleaner. Now, if I smell any other cleaners I get a headache right away. I didn’t know my body would react that way but it sure does tell me when chemicals are around now. It’s so crazy!——— HANDSOAP——- We switched out all the hand soap in our home to the thieves foaming hand soap. I love the way it smells and feels (and so do my guests)


SMELL GOOD STUFF: I love candles. I was obsessed with this one birthday cake candle for years. Now, my body doesn’t like the artificial smells. So, I use our diffuser and make up some of my own blends. Here are some of my favorites. Just a few drops each and you can make your own custom blend


Jade Lemon+Spearmint+Tangerine


Citrus Fresh+Spearmint

Lemon Myrtle+Rosemary+Orange+Peppermint

My house smells amazing and my body thanks me for it. I love that you can make up your own yummy scents!

PRO TIP — Diffuse Citrus Fresh or Lemon in your kitchen before/during/after you cook broccoli or fish.


There is so many ways to use essential oils and YL products. Like, so many! We often joke that there is an oil or product for everything (not kidding). 

I know that my family has been changed completely for the better since I found these products. 

Here’s the truth of the matter. I love pizza and chocolate chip cookies. We don’t always eat the best, but I’m trying. Making baby steps every day for my family. Yes I use oils but I also feed my kids pizza once a week for Friday night pizza and movie night. Balance is a unicorn and I’m working on grace. If you’re like me and want to give your family the best, while also knowing that pizza isn’t going to kill them, we should be friends! Let’s connect on Instagram HERE


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You’ve got this moms!



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