2020 goals: They can still exist.

We did it! We survived the first half of 2020 and that certainly deserves a celebration! 

If you are anything like me, you started this year off with big dreams and even bigger plans to help you achieve them. 2020 was going to be your year to totally dominate both life and business and then it quickly turned into the craziest year we’ve ever seen. All of those goals suddenly took a back seat to the hard realities our world is facing and you may even have decided that this was just going to be a throwaway year. Am I right?

Trust me, I get it.

I have wanted to throw in the towel on 2020 a time or ten, but wiping our hands clean of a year with six good, solid months left wouldn’t make us the strong, resilient humans we’ve fought so hard to become. 

So here is your permission to continue chasing your goals for 2020. This year is far from over and you owe it to the world to keep walking in your purpose. 

Pull your vision board back out of the trash, put the pen back to paper, and keep planning for the greatness that can still exist in this year.

As for me? I took a few steps back here and there as the year unfolded but I have never let go of the passion, the drive, and the planning for what’s next.

Through it all, I have stayed focused on my Young Living business, creating brand new resources and content to help my team grow and expand. We are currently launching a new website for all of our members and I can’t wait for people to use it as a tool to help them build success within their business.

I also poured a lot of heart and energy into a really fun photography course! You can grab that here {link to photography course} if you haven’t already taken advantage of it. Writing this course then led me to create an entire line of light, bright, airy, and even moody Lightroom presets and I have been blown away by the love they have received! 

I think you’ll really love them too. Check them out here!

It was really important for me to use all of the downtime the first half of 2020 brought us to focus on things that sparked joy and fueled my creativity. Spending time on something I love has been so life-giving in this season! 

I also have something super fun launching this fall for my MK brand and I just know it is going to change the game for so many entrepreneurs. I seriously cannot wait to share this project with you. You are going to flip!

And while it’s been very easy to walk away from social media during this time, I’ve tried really hard to continue to show up in ways that feel authentic to who I am. I’ve had to shut down the lies that kept telling me no one wants to hear the things I have to say and have worked to connect with my audience on a level that feels true to who I am. And let me tell you, that has been so freeing. I dare you to try it. 

I’m cheering for you in these final months of 2020! Don’t abandon your goals, don’t throw in the towel, don’t decide it’s too late to turn this year around! And if the motivation to keep moving forward still just isn’t there, I encourage you to spend this time working on yourself and learning who you truly are as a person. After all, 60% of business is knowing yourself and just 40% is having the skill to do a job. So stay focused on that sixty percent and know exactly who you are going into a new year! 

2020 is not over yet friends. There is still plenty of life to live. So get out there and live it!

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