Living Out Your Dreams

Have you ever dreamt of something for so long until one day, it finally came true?

How does it make you feel when you step back and realize you are actually living out a longtime dream? For me, it makes me stand in a place of awe. Life hasn’t always been easy and it certainly hasn’t always been kind. I think we can all agree to that. But in those moments when you step back and see all that you ever wanted is right in front of you, how can you not say that life has also been so, so good? 

I dreamt of our new home for YEARS! I’m talking since I was a little school girl kind of years. And if I’m being truly honest, I always told myself I would never have it. That I would always be dreaming of it and never living in it. I can’t really pinpoint why I told myself that, but I definitely lived in that limiting belief for a really long time. 

But here I am, all of these years later, living in that very house I dreamed of. The house we spent hours planning for. The house we worked our booties off to call ours. And it still feels so crazy to be living out that dream. 

I often walk down our steps or walk around and stand in awe of the life we have today. I get emotional about where we are because I spent so many years telling myself we couldn’t do it. We started out with so little and spent so many years dreaming of this reality.

It’s a weird thing to be living a dream that you had. You work so hard for something and seeing it come to fruition really motivates you to continue to work hard. You don’t end where your dreams come true, you simply start fresh with a new one. 

But if you were like me, stuck in the belief that dreams weren’t meant to be lived out, I wanted to encourage you to shift your mindset and begin to plan for the day when you’re actually living them. And it can be anything. From dreaming of a new puppy to building a new home to finding your perfect career. Don’t be afraid to dream it and certainly don’t be afraid to tell yourself that it can and WILL happen. 

What dreams are you already living out? Take some time to write them down and sit in the joy that comes with it. Celebrate what it took to get you there and allow yourself space to be proud of your accomplishments. 

And then take the time to dream new dreams or plan new goals to get you to that same dream you’ve been focused on. It is well within you to live out your wildest dreams and sometimes it’s only our mindset getting in the way. The world is so full of dreamers and I am here to tell you that we wouldn’t be a society focused on dreams if we didn’t get to experience the moments when they come true.

Living out a dream is so so special. Especially when you take the time to step back and relive all of the hard work it took to get you there. So here’s to you and your dreams. May they big, may they be bold, and may you be strong enough to believe in your ability to live them out!

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