EP 01: Welcome!

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I did it! I finally started a podcast and I am so excited to have you join me! 

The ‘Confessions of a Serial Entrepreneur’ podcast will be full of episodes of me talking about real life moments in between running businesses and being a mom. I have a huge heart for helping women build businesses, so we’ll be chatting about things that I’ve found to be instrumental for business growth as well!

And because I know that I don’t have all the answers and there are multiple roads to success, I’ll also be bringing in some pretty amazing people that are experts in their field to give you an even broader view of business and life.  My hope is that you feel like we’re sitting down at my kitchen table every week to just chat about the things that matter most in life and in business! 

I hope that each time you tune in you will walk away feeling inspired, renewed, and ready to run your race, whatever that may be.

If you’re looking for perfection and a podcast strictly all about business, you won’t find that here. We’ll for sure be diving deep into my life as a serial entrepreneur, but running my businesses is all consumed with homeschool and house plants and Friday night pizza dates. I do not feel like I “have it all together,” but I do know that we were meant for community and I am here to welcome you in as we talk about the good, messy, and always beautiful side of running a business, raising babies, and keeping up with the day to day routines.  

In this episode you’ll hear all about: 

  • The girl behind your new favorite podcast
  • How a class in high school inspired my entire entrepreneurial career 
  • My least favorite food in the whole world 
  • My very first business venture 
  • How negative comments can be used as motivation


I can’t wait to dig deep into the highs and lows of life with you and I am just so honored to have you along for the journey! Even when it’s bumpy, I promise we’ll figure out how to make it fun! And if you’re wanting to get your dream business off the ground don’t forget to tune in to the next episode to learn how to do that! I’m so excited to show up in your life each week. This is going to be amazing!

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