Ep 13: It’s All About Mindset, Sales, and Client Attraction with Melissa Lin


YOU are going to be the thing that holds you back.” – Melissa Lin

Melissa Lin is a previously successful chemical engineer turned multiple six-figure business owner and coach. After starting off barely making it, Melissa pushed past her fears and shifted her mindset to fully thrive in her business! Today, she helps other women do the same with her approach to sales, mindset, and client attraction! 

In this episode, Melissa and I dive deep into the importance of a healthy mindset when running a business and the impact your mindset has on your performance.


Melissa also shares her wealth of knowledge about the sales process – all the way from pitch to follow-up.


In this episode you’ll hear all about: 

  • The importance mindset in running a business
  • Steps to shifting your mindset
  • Melissa Lin’s 4 Step Sale Process


Links to all the things mentioned: 

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