Get Along With Me: Type Four


Deep Thinker

Enneagram Type 4

Your perfect day would consist of waking up to a random note of encouragement, reminding you that you are seen, you are valued, and you are loved. You grab your journal and spend the next few minutes, maybe even hours, pouring your heart out and allowing yourself to feel all of the feelings. You get right to your work and you don’t stop until it’s all completed to near perfection. Your day is full of compliments from people you love and admire and you end the day feeling full to the brim. 

You constantly feel the need to explain yourself because you never want to be misunderstood. You love to share how you are feeling, so when someone asks, “How are you doing,” they better be ready to have a conversation! You love hearing that you were created with the beauty and qualities you were meant to have. Not because you have to constantly be praised, but because you doubt yourself far too often and a little reassurance goes a long way! 

You feel every feeling on a deeper level than most of us, making you one of our most empathic friends. As a nine always trying to keep the peace, I appreciate your sincere, big feeling heart, always trying to understand the feelings of others. These deep feelings certainly don’t mean you’re too sensitive or that you overreact in most situations, and I know you wish people would stop thinking that! 

Your ability to give space for people without trying to “fix them” is why we all flock to fours for advice and we love you for your investment in us. You are dedicated to your work and you have a passion for excelling in everything you do. You are vulnerable in all the best ways and you just need people to see you and love you for exactly who you are. And having someone write that on a post-it note and leave it on your desk can’t be too much to ask, right? 

You are a lover and a feeler. A listener and an encourager. A hard worker and a true visionary.  A person we all need in our corner. 

You may be seeing yourself in every sentence or picturing all of the beautiful fours in your life as you read this. If you are a four, I hope you feel loved today. And if you love a four, I hope you’ll remember to tell them! Whether you are a type four, love a type four, or work with a type four, hang on to this graphic so you always know how to “get along” in life and in business.

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