Get Along With Me: Type Seven

The Enthusiast 

World Changer 

Enneagram Type 7

Your perfect day would be full of dreaming up new and interesting ideas on how to change the world and make a positive impact. You’d get right to work on putting those dreams into action and you, my friend, would, in fact, change the world in a single day. You’d spend the day with your favorite people, trying new foods, adventuring to new places, and maybe even learning a new skill. You would fill every single second with something fresh and exciting and you wouldn’t stop running full speed ahead until your head hit the pillow. And even still, you’d continue to dream of all the excitement tomorrow will bring!

You believe that life should be spontaneous and fun and you’re always up for an adventure. You love to tell stories to anyone who will listen and you really could talk for hours upon hours. When you interrupt people it isn’t because you are being rude, but simply because you can’t keep your thoughts to yourself! It doesn’t take much to excite you. Not because you are naive or innocent to the world around you, but because you truly have so much joy for life. You feel things so deeply but you don’t always share those feelings with others. It isn’t because you don’t want to let them in, you love companionship. You just simply process things much differently than most of us.

You love feeling free to be you and chase after the things that make you happy. You’re a free thinker and you need people to be accepting of your new and sometimes wild ideas! You have an “allergic reaction” to criticism so you need people to be gentle with you when they are offering advice and suggestions. Your feelings can be hurt easily and you don’t always feel comfortable sharing that with people.

You need to remind yourself to slow down and take a breath. Your need for constant stimulation catches up to you quickly and it’s hard for you to simply rest. Not that I’m telling you what to do because you do not like to be told what to do. And it isn’t because you have to always be in control, but because you’re such a free spirit, being told what to do feels like you’re being put in a box. You need the freedom to think for yourself, do for yourself, and feel things for yourself.

You are a dreamer, a mover, and a shaker. You are changing this world one big idea at time and you are willing to take anyone along for the ride who will join you. As long as they love you big and don’t get in your way.

If you are a seven, you may not have made it this far in reading this. You probably read something that sparked an idea in your soul and now you’re off creating it! And if you aren’t a seven, you’re probably smiling thinking of all the beautiful sevens in your life. They truly bring so much light and life into our lives, right? So whether you are a type seven, love a type seven, or work with a type seven, hang on to this graphic so you always know how to “get along” in life and in business.

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