Get Along With Me: Type Eight

The Challenger


Enneagram Type 8

Your perfect day would consist of waking up to a full plate, a busy schedule, and a jam-packed “to-do” list. You’d get right to completing every single task to near perfection and precision because you don’t do anything carelessly. You would spend a lot of time alone, working on yourself, which leaves you feeling strong and independent. And near the end of the day, you’re craving time with the ones you love most. You spend the evening with your most trusted allies, sipping your favorite drink and chatting about deep, life-changing things. You go to bed with another full list of things to complete tomorrow and you can’t wait to get “back at it.”

You believe that people should feel strong, confident, and independent and you work really hard to help them feel the power inside of them. You are tough, but you appreciate when people are vulnerable with you, it helps you to open up and believe you can trust them with your feelings. Without this, you tend to keep a lot of things to yourself. You believe in justice and standing up for people when they need you and you hope they will always do the same for you. You need to know there are people in your corner to protect you, even if you don’t show it.

You love deep, honest conversation and you are the best listener, always offering genuine, sound advice. When having a conversation, eye contact is very important to you. It makes you feel seen and that your words have value. When you get quality time with someone you want it to be uninterrupted so you can really live in the moment. And as much as you value connection with others, you crave alone time in silence.

You need to know you can trust people. If someone betrays that trust, it is really hard for you to give it back. You want people to appreciate your tender and vulnerable side without manipulating you to let your guard down. And when you speak assertively you truly hope people don’t see it as a personal attack. You know what you want and how you want to get it, so it is very easy for you to speak in a straightforward manner.

You are confident, bold, and so inspiring. Your ability to chase after your dreams is such a beautiful quality. One that we all wish we had. You’re doing big things and the world is forever changed because of your presence.

If you are an eight, I know you’re shaking your head in agreement to all of this and probably have a thing or two to add to the list. And if you aren’t an eight, you’re probably cheering on all of the eights you know and love so well. Reach out and tell them you treasure them. They need to hear it. So whether you are a type eight, love a type eight, or work with a type eight, hang on to this graphic so you always know how to “get along” in life and in business.

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