Get Along With Me: Type Six



Enneagram Type 6

Your perfect day would be spent on the couch in your comfiest clothes with your favorite snacks and your favorite humans by your side. You’d spend the day talking about your hopes and dreams and all of the “what-ifs” that keep you curious. You’d follow along with your normal routine and everything would be predictable and consistent without any chaotic surprises. Everything in your life would fall into a perfect balance of giving and taking and you’d end with a full cup. Literally and figuratively speaking. 

You believe in being vulnerable and all you ask is that people be open and honest in every situation. You surround yourself with people that understand you and make you feel understood. You love when they check in on you “just because.” It makes you feel seen and appreciated. And when your anxiety hits you need people to reassure you that everything will be okay and that you’re doing the best you can. Bonus points if they remind you that your best is more than enough, am I right? 

You love feeling connected to people, but having time alone to recenter yourself helps you feel reconnected and refreshed. It is important that people work through things with you and remain loyal as it is easy for you to feel abandoned. It’s easy for you to push away from people or tasks, but the second someone pushes away from you, you start to feel your anxiety rise and you begin to take it personally. When anxiety hits, you truly hope people aren’t judging or patronizing you. It’s hard enough to deal with your anxious feelings, you can’t also be worried about what people are thinking. Even though we all know you do worry about that! 

You need people to be clear and concise when they speak to you so that there is nothing left to interpretation. So say what you mean and mean that you say, right? And in turn, you work very hard to make sure you vocalize your needs and concerns so you need people to listen carefully when you speak. It’s not easy for you to say what you need, but you know it’s necessary for your overall health to say it out loud. So listen up people! 

You love big, you care deeply, and you are everyone’s most loyal friend and coworker. Your love for being with people and your sensitive heart is something we nines are drawn to so I’m pretty sure we just became best friends. I know you’ll be down for that. 

If you are a six, you’re probably wondering how I just got inside your head. You feel so seen right now and that is such a breath of fresh air for you. And if you aren’t a six, I know you are starting to picture all of those beautiful type six people you have in your life. Call them and tell them how much you love them right now. They need it. So whether you are a type six, love a type six, or work with a type six, hang on to this graphic so you always know how to “get along” in life and in business.

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