Get Along With Me: Type Five



Enneagram Type 5

Your perfect day would consist of starting your morning with your favorite hot beverage in your own private nook, created just for you. You begin your day with rest because even after a full night’s sleep, you still need time alone to recharge. You cross everything off your “to-do” list in record time and spend the rest of the day planning for the future. You spend a little bit of time with your closest friends and family, but prefer to end the day alone to process the day and plan for the next.    

You believe in quality over quantity so you keep your circle small. You feel safest in small numbers because large gatherings and social settings make you feel uncomfortable, but you like it that way. You are laid back, easy-going, and super comfortable with the people you let into your world and you feel most connected to them when they make you feel seen and loved.

Your “stand-back” attitude oftentimes makes you feel misunderstood and while you never mean for it to happen, it can sometimes be intimidating to those that like to stand out in the crowd. You simply make it a priority to meet your own needs first because you know how healthy that is for your overall well being and remaining distance and quiet are just sometimes how you best take care of yourself. 

It’s hard for you to open up to people so when you do, it’s so important that they keep what you’ve shared secret. Even if you haven’t shared any secrets, you don’t want them sharing your vulnerability with others as being vulnerable doesn’t come easy for you. As a nine, always wanting to keep the peace, I am honored when a type five friend opens up to me and shares a bit of their heart. Their trust in me is so very powerful because I know it isn’t given away easily. 

And even though you may come off as quiet and reserved, you are paving the way my friend. You are an investigator of good, an innovator for change, and an independent powerhouse on a mission for excellence. 

If you are a five, you’re probably sitting in your private space, reading this alone and thinking, “how does she know me so well?” And if you aren’t a five, but you have many five friends or coworkers in your life, their personality is hopefully making a little bit more sense to you now! So whether you are a type five, love a type five, or work with a type five, hang on to this graphic so you always know how to “get along” in life and in business.

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